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Retired Horses

Meadowview Retirement Home For Horses - presently full

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Our Old Girls Swisha 30 yrs & Mindy 42 yrs ...RIP my friends......

These two wonderful horses were with us for many many years and taught many children and adults how to ride
and care for a horse with love and compassion. 
We will remember them forever!

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              RIP Little Queenie 29 yrs old Sadly Missed                                

Lacy is our beautiful baby only two years old                                 Abby and Lacy frolicking

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                       "Coal" with Danielle & Tori                                                             Grazing In The Meadow                                                                                              Coal


                                   Breezy  photo by Anita Peebles                                                      The Boys                                                                                           Destiny and Abby
  Jose...(Dr Masers pride and joy)     kramer       Buck and Kramer



               Best Friends RIP...Mindy and Queenie                                                                                                      Spiff

      Kramer , Spiff  &  Buck                                                                                                                                                  Destiny


                                                         Kramer                                                                                                       Spiff


                                             Spiff                                                                                                                      RIP Swisha
               Swisha and My Boy Nikki                                                                             Meadowview Turkeys                                                     Pete and Swisha


Beautiful little "wee Queenie"