Cavan Hills Veterinary Services

303 Hwy 7a
Cavan, ON L0A1C0


Emergency Veterinary Services for Clarington including a Preventative Care Hospital

24 Hour Animal Hospital Open 7 Days a Week

Our Services 

At our Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic we provide a wide range of animal health care services for our Clarington clients and the surrounding areas including emergency veterinary services. As a team we are dedicated to animal welfare through preventative veterinary care. We place great importance in frequent medical care and annual checkups as a tool in preventing and treating disease in animals. Among the veterinary services available at Cavan Hills Animal Hospital are; preventative medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical and anesthesia services, radiology services, dentistry, laboratory facilities, permanent identification, dietary and behavioral counseling and emergency care.  We also provide bathing, individualized flea control programs and boarding services.

For emergency veterinary services at our hospital you can contact us at any time, local 705-944-5776 or toll free 1-800-501-5967 (No additional fees for emergencies or after hours care) and we will provide the best service possible for your beloved one.

About Us

Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic was launched in 1995 by Dr. Maser. Dr. Maser is a Ontario Veterinary College graduate and has dedicated his time to the operation of Cavan Hills along with an amazing pet rescue and adoption service. Dr.Maser has a team of five doctors working with him at Cavan Hills these are Dr. Audrey Chouinard - DVM Supervisor, Dr. TJ Kaloti, Dr. Joseph Kim, Dr. Victoria Tong and Dr. Joyce Chiu . Along with a team of seven registered veterinary technicians and thirteen veterinary assistants we are able to provide the best possible veterinary care to our Clarington clients and their pets.

Why choose us? 

Our excellent team of doctors and assistants at Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic use their extensive knowledge and abilities when aiming to provide the best available pet care within the Clarington area.  Our top priority is animal welfare and wellbeing. Our many professional veterinary services and facilities are accessible to our Clarington clients twenty four hours a day seven days a week. We also encourage open discussions with our clients and will provide expert guidance in assessing the special needs of your pet.  Please be sure to consider Cavan Veterinary Clinic when choosing health care for your beloved pet.