Cavan Hills Veterinary Services

303 Hwy 7a
Cavan, ON L0A1C0


Emergency Veterinary Services for the City of Kawartha Lakes including a Preventative Care Hospital

24 Hour Animal Hospital Open 7 Days a Week

Our Services 

At our Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic we offer medical services and the best of care to our pet patients within the Kawartha Lakes area including a top class emergency veterinary service. Our animal hospital is conveniently open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our team of doctors and veterinary assistants are trained in preventative care and main priority is providing the best possible medical attention to our pet patients. Here are some of the services available at Cavan HIlls Emergency Care, Preventative medicine, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services, Radiology Services, Surgical and Anesthesia Services, Dentistry ,Laboratory, Bathing and Individualized Flea Control Programs, Permanent Identification, Pharmacy, Dietary Counseling ,Behavioral Counseling and boarding.

If you have a situation that requires emergency vet help, contact us immediately, local 705-944-5776 or toll free 1-800-501-5967 (No additional fees for emergencies or after hours care). We are here to help!

About Us

Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic is a 24/7 Animal Hospital providing veterinary services to Kawartha Lakes and the surrounding areas. Dr Maser established Cavan Hills in 1995. Dr Maser is the lead veterinary doctor and practice owner of Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic. There are a team of expertly trained doctors, registered veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants whose main focus is providing our pet patients with the best medical care.

Why choose us? 

At our Cavan Hills Veterinary Clinic we are quite unique in our approach to disease treatment. We stress the importance of preventative care and encourage pet owners to express their concerns.  As a result we are better a able to assist our clients as pet owners to understand better the needs of your pets.  At Cavan Hills Clinic we have all medical amenities and services under one roof and these are available to our clients 24/7. We hope Kawartha Lake pet owners will consider us when choosing the best possible care for their pets.